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Secure Servers
Kinfolk's services are built on industry-leading technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure the highest grade security of client data and best-in-class scalability.
We comply with the CCPA and GDPR.
We take user security seriously and think about it in every aspect of the product. If you notice a security issue or have a question or concern, you can reach out to us at and we'll respond as soon as possible. We currently do not have a bug bounty program.

Kinfolk's user data is protected by AES-256, the industry-standard encryption algorithm. Additionally, strict identity and access management policies (such as single sign-on) ensure client data remains protected at all times.

Kinfolk is GDPR ready. If you'd like to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA), please send us an email with the information we need to send you the DPA.

Who are our Subprocessors of data?
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Would you like to see any of the following policies?
- Information Security Policy (including Incident Response, Remediation, Disaster Recovery)
- Software Development Lifecycle Policy
- Data Classification Policy
- Third Party Vendor Risk Management Policy

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What is our Privacy Policy?
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If you think you may have found a security vulnerability, please get in touch with our security team immediately at